Monday, November 19, 2012

in which I share 20 facts about me

Day one of my thirty things- thing.

1. I was vegan for four years. Not strict vegan, by any means, but still. This may come as a surprise to anyone who's ever seen me around dairy products-  I love me some milk, yo.

2. I love to talk. More specifically, I love to make people listen to me talk. My conversation skills are actually pretty lacking.

3. Physical contact I don't initiate makes me really uncomfortable.

4. February is hands down my least favourite month of the year.  Seriously, it's a horrible month. If I'm ever wildly wealthy, I'll take February as my mental health month to vacation in the Caribbean. This hatred, as far as I can tell, stems from the typical weather at that time of the year, and not Valentine's day. Though now that I mention it, I also really hate Valentine's day. Significant others are usually counseled to ignore the holiday all together. Ugh, February. Ugh, Valentines day.

5. My shopping skills are ridiculous. If you ask me nicely, I will extend them to you.

6. I'm a terrifically bad dancer. However, I love to dance, and will happily do so at your wedding, club, prom, or zumba class. Alas, in the words of Fozzy Bear, I don't got rhythm.

Oh, muppets. You feel me. 

7. Way too much of my self esteem hinges on other people thinking I'm funny. I don't care if you think I'm ugly or stupid or don't have silky hair (okay, so I also care about all of those things) but please, please find me hilarious. 

8. I am a practicing Mormon. I don't 100% believe in 100% of the LDS doctrine. I'm okay with that, and I'm not looking for you to convince me one way or the other. 

9. When I'm excited, I get really loud. Eventually this escalates to wordless happy screams punctuated by drunken seal claps. When I'm mad, really mad, I tend to be more eloquent and quiet. When I'm furious there may even be a British accent involved. It's pretty weird, actually.

10. Sunflowers are my favourite flowers, closely followed by anything that resembles a sunflower. 

from google

11. I unabashedly love cats. That fake e-harmony video where the girl starts crying because she wants to hug all the cats? that's basically me. As soon as I'm in a settled, stable living arrangement I'm going to foster kittens, and if I'm ever wildly wealthy I'm going to start a kitten therapy program where I take kittens to orphanages and mental hospitals and stuff because honestly, WHO DOESN'T LOVE KITTENS? oh man. Kittens. Aisch. 

Oh, Debbi. You feel me. 

12. I tend to listen to the same song over and over and over again, particularly if I've just discovered it or if I'm trying to focus on writing or homework. Today it's Ivan & Alyosha's Easy to Love.

Oh, Ivan & Alyosha. You...write nice music. 

13. I've always been hyper-critical of books, movies, and music, but for whatever reason this has never extended to TV. I'll watch pretty much anything on TV. I love television- I love how neatly a plot can be wrapped up in a 22 or 46 minute period, I love how a subplot can extend for a season or a series, I love not having to think about anything for the duration of a show. I know that last statement in particular is a valid argument for television rotting one's brain, but sometimes I can't deal with my own brain for hours or days or weeks on end, so I'm grateful that I have TV as an option.

14. Little-known fact here: I love weddings. Since I already have the crazy, cat-lover thing going for me, that's not something I like to throw out there that much- I don't really get the logic behind that either. Over the years I've restricted my wedding obsession to Sundays- church really stresses me out, so I reward my religious endeavors with hours browsing lace overlay gowns and flower arrangements involving lilies. 

15. Someday I would love to start a book club that only reads the memoirs of funny people. 

16. I take an obscene amount of pictures of myself. Always have. 

17. Fall is my favourite season- particularly fall on the east coast. 

18. I have no idea how to comfort or advise people. This is unfortunate, because for some reason people keep choosing to confide things in me. Why do you do this, people? Surely I am not the most trust inspiring person you know. I never shut up. Basically, if you come to me for advise I will tell you to drink some water. If you come to me because you are sad I will probably buy you some food and try to make you laugh. This is all I know how to do. 

19. Driving still terrifies me, but I love going for drives and listening to music. Really, the best way to listen to music is in a car, with the volume up so high that you're basically traveling in a sound-coccoon. 

20. I'm really tired of being really tired all the time.

Bonus Muppets video:

You and I and George


  1. You and Karsten have #12 in common...and it's not a problem until the song he is listening to over and over again is something like Gold Digger ;-)

  2. Karsten has always had flawless taste in music.


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